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Project overview

How did we build this project? offers a vast variety of hunting, combat, air, gas, and cold weapons, as well as equipment, tactical gear, and accessories from leading manufacturers in the industry, such as Benelli, Beretta, Blaser, Boker, Gamo, and many others.

The project's challenge involved integrating with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and nopCommerce. The client has over 30,000 different products with variations like size, color, and others. The integration covers orders, categories, products, variants, specifications, photos, and descriptions.

For the payment method, we utilize the Bulgarian provider ePay, enabling payments with VISA, MasterCard, and other major cards. There is also direct integration with TBI Pay, a Bulgarian payment option for purchasing products on installment.

To enhance the customer experience, we've implemented automatic integration with the Bulgarian courier Speedy (DPD). We've automated the process from selecting the customer's address or office to generating a shipping label and calling the courier with a single click.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

ePay card payment


Google Analytics 4

Facebook Catalog

TBI Payment method

On the homepage, you can observe primary banners that the client uses to visualize current promotions and offers, aiming to capture the customer's attention on specific brands or products.

Following that, we have featured categories depicted through the product collection function, with options to select "Newest" and "Bestselling" products.

The client has the ability to add banners in the middle of the page to advertise specific brand products.

Next, we see sections where the client emphasizes "Latest Offers" and "Bestselling Products."

At the end of the page, there are sections for "News" and "Blog" posts. This greatly aids communication with their customers and optimizes SEO. In addition to the homepage, there are separate pages for all "News" and "Blog" posts.

The homepage concludes with featured brands that the client wants to focus on and highlight for the customers.

On the catalog page, you can see that filters are visualized on the left side, allowing customers to quickly find their desired product. The filters are based on "Specifications" and "Attributes" in nopCommerce. Examples of filters include "Manufacturer," "Caliber," "Color," "Size," "Country of Manufacture," and others.

In the upper right part, we display all subcategories, adding another level of product filtering from the parent category. Subsequently, we visualize all available products in product boxes, providing options for "Quick Purchase" and "Add to Cart."

Product ribbons are available and automatically attached based on conditions. Examples of such ribbons include "New," "Out of Stock," and "% Discount."

The product filters and page operate through AJAX requests, allowing real-time visualization without the need to reload the page.

On the product page, on the left side, there is a large image of the product with an option to scroll through smaller additional images. Similar to the catalog page, there is an option for automated product ribbons such as "New," "% Discount," and "Out of Stock."

On the right side, there is the product title, price, old price if there is a discount, and options to add the product to "Favorites" or "Compare Products."

An additional button has been added for "TBI Pay," where it displays a credit calculator based on the product. There is a direct integration with "TBI Pay," and through RestAPI, it returns results and schemes for all possible monthly payments.

At the bottom of the page, through product tabs, the "Description" of the product, customer "Reviews," and "Contacts" are visualized. In a special tab labeled "Store Availability," we retrieve the current product availability from Microsoft NAV through WebService.

A small banner on the right offers users similar products that they might be interested in.

"Beretta Trading," the company operating the online store, is also an offline retailer with several stores in Bulgaria. They are located in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, and Burgas. This is why we have created a page where customers can see the locations of these stores and find contact information.

Additionally, on the checkout page, customers have the option to choose "In-Store Pickup" with free delivery.

For the convenience of those operating the online store, the admin interface of the administrative section is in the local native language. It displays orders, products, users, and other interesting statistics on the dashboard.

In the admin panel, the user can add and edit products, manage orders, add blog articles and news, and create content pages. There is also an option for an FAQ page, if desired.

The quick and user-friendly interface allows for order processing with just a few clicks.

Technologies used