noptech - "Yes, we can!"

01. What We Do

Providing an efficient and practical service

We deliver high-quality, reliable professional software to our customers.

Years of experience

We have years of experience in the web development field!

Successful projects

We've created meaningful and functional solutions, according to clients wishes

Hours of work

We have spent thousands of hours working to make our customers happy

02. Our history

How did we get started?

We had our professional start a few years ago, with the aim to help people grow their business. What inspired us to start was the ability to provide businesses with a relevant, valuable service that helps their business get bigger and better. We hit a few obstacles at the start, but we are now growing fast and steady!

03. Our team

Meet the noptech team

Our team consists of versatile professionals in many different fields: Front-end, back-end, marketing and visual effects to name a few! Not only is the team multi-disciplinary, but we focus on delivering high-value products, and we are ready to assist you at all times!

04. Our goals

Vision for development

It's our goal to deliver working and effective products to our customers. That’s why we develop custom themes, plugins and services, that have no equivalent on the market! As an active part of the nopCommerce community, we also help to contribute and develop it further through our products!

05. Our Clients

About our customers

We work with both smaller and larger businesses, some of which have up to 50,000 products in their stores! Our clients come from diverse sectors, such as retail, manufacturing, marketplaces, etc. We can tailor our services to your business needs, offering a truly custom and relevant product, that will succeed in its niche.

Our clients

Our slogan is 'Yes, we can'. You can make it yours, too, by relying on us!