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Project overview

How did we build this project?

Fanpoint is a leading player in the clothing and accessories retail sector, serving as the main importer for renowned brands such as G-Star RAW, Replay, Scotch&Soda, Maison Scotch, Camper, Cruyff, RE:, Saddler, J.Lindeberg, Sohobags, and more. With 17 physical stores throughout Bulgaria, they represent brands like Camper, G-star, Scotch&Soda, and Replay alongside their own Fanpoint stores.

The project involved integrating with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and nopCommerce, addressing challenges related to managing over 5000 products with variations in size, color, and other specifications. The integration covers orders, categories, products, variants, specifications, photos, and descriptions. The payment method implemented utilizes the Bulgarian provider ePay, offering options for payments with VISA, MasterCard, and other major cards.

Collaborating with a marketing agency, the client successfully integrated Facebook catalog, Google Analytics 4, and Klavyo to leverage these tools for marketing, remarketing, and audience analysis.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

ePay card payment

Google Analytics 4

Facebook Catalog

Klaviyo integration

The homepage encapsulates the essential components of a website. In this specific project, it starts with a large carousel banner emphasizing current offers and deals for the online store's customers. Following that, it features the main categories of the online store, namely "Men" and "Women," presented as a category tree. In the initial section, "New" products are showcased, followed by "Outlet" products from the main categories lower on the page. In the center, there are discount banners, crucial for our client, as they offer monthly discounts integrated through Microsoft NAV.

Further down, we see primary brands and focus brands chosen by the client to visualize and highlight for their audience, namely "Karl Lagerfeld," "Love Moschino," and "Cruyff."

The presentation continues with a "Bestsellers" section, displaying the currently top-selling products on the site.

Next, there is a prominent banner featuring "Find our locations," providing a link to the page with all physical stores. Our client, a significant offline retailer in the fashion industry, relies on their 17 stores nationwide.

The presentation concludes with a brand carousel, allowing users to quickly navigate to and purchase from their preferred brand.

The page begins with a large banner displaying the name of the category.

On the category page, we can observe two main sections. On the left are the primary filters through which products can be filtered. They utilize AJAX, and products are filtered in real-time without the need to reload the page. Customer preferences for filters are presented in dropdown menus. Upon selecting a filter, all other options are adjusted based on the availability of products. Some of the main filters include "Size," "Color," "Brand," "Category," and others.

On the right side, there is a grid of products, allowing users to choose how many products to visualize and how they should be sorted. Examples of sorting options include "Lowest Price," "Highest Price," "New Products," and more.

There is also a section for "Recently Viewed Products," aiming to draw the customer's attention to previously viewed products and return them there if they are of interest.

In product details, we have a clean design and a visual style suitable for the brand.

On the left, there is a grid displaying images of the selected product, allowing users to choose the desired image to examine and evaluate the product.

On the right, we see the product name, information about whether the product comes with "Free Shipping," and mandatory options for user selection, such as "Color," "Size," and others. There is a prominent "Buy" button that directs the user's attention and encourages them to take action for the purchase.

At the bottom of the page, there are tabs with comprehensive information about the product, a fancy description, and specifications such as "Material," "Size," and "Details."

The page concludes with "Also Purchased Products," a suitable option if previous customers have bought the product along with other similar items. There is also an option for "Similar Products" and "Products Suitable for You," which are personalized based on each customer.

Our client is a major offline retailer in Bulgaria and the primary importer of brands such as G-Star RAW, Replay, Scotch&Soda, Maison Scotch, Camper, Cruyff, RE:, Saddler, J.Lindeberg, Sohobags, and more.

They have 17+ physical stores throughout Bulgaria. That's why we've created a separate page listing all physical stores. This way, users can explore the physical stores and view contact information and addresses.

As an additional option, we've also added the possibility for click & collect in-store and the option for "Free Shipping."

The admin area is conveniently translated into the main language of both users and administrators who will be managing the store. In it, it is quick and easy to see the number of orders and newly registered users, as well as dwindling products and return requests. In the admin area, administrators manage products, orders, topic pages, blog articles, and other options necessary for the site's operation.

Technologies used